About Us

Domenico Rossi is young and creative company from Slovakia. Only in the last few years the company was transformed from a small designer studio into a wholesale producer of its own line of wedding dresses. Now Domenico Rossi dresses are sold in many European countries including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Hungary and Russia.

Our main aim is not only to present our designer ideas but also to create a competitive product – dresses with the ideal price and quality ratio which are affordable for most of the brides. Domenico Rossi management has over ten years of experience running wedding salons which allows us to understand perfectly the needs of the clients.

For our customers convenience, the company has its own warehouse of finished products in Bratislava, so that the shops can immediately make up their stock of dresses without waiting for a production cycle for a few months.

You can become Domenico Rossi client already today.

"European classic wedding dress - the best choice for the main event of your life. You believe in design, you are assured of quality, you know that today, when everyone is looking at you, you're fine. You can relax and enjoy the moments that will never be repeated.

And we want that this day you have all the energy and love, that we put into our business."